Stevie's Aerial Yoga Party


Kids birthdays are big business these days and it’s so easy to get caught up in agonising over every little detail in which our efforts are usually wasted as kids don’t care whether our disposable water bottles are personalised or how fancy our take home lolly bags look, all they usually care about is how many chicken nuggets they’ll be served and if they’ll take home a pass the parcel prize!

This year for Stevie’s party, I wanted something different to the usual play centre parties we attend and above all else I wanted it to be EASY and stress free so I enlisted the help of Laura @kidsbeats and we decided on an aerial yoga party for Stevie. The thought of 22 kids hanging upside down while getting their ‘zen’ on sounded appealing.

Laura was incredible, I literally for the first time ever got to sit back and simply enjoy the party. No running around like a headless chook or stressing over which game we’d play next. Laura handled the 22 kids like a pro and the whole party was so much fun and ran so smoothly. I was super impressed.


For a bit of fun Stevie suggested instead of our usual piñata that we order a cake that’s secretly a piñata! We hired Kristy @smashedpinatacakes to come up with a super cool creation for Stevie, and boy I’ve never seen kids more excited than when Stevie cracked open the delicious white chocolate to reveal an enormous mountain of lollies! This smash cake was absolutely a hit and I can’t imagine my kids ever allowing me to organise a party without the inclusion of one from here on in. Haha


For the cake, Stevie wanted something ‘boho’ with fresh flowers and semi naked icing and Jade @hellosugarbespokecakedesign sure delivered the most breathtaking creation that not only looked beautiful but was oh so moist and delicious! It was almost too pretty to cut open but I’m certainly glad we did. Yum yum!!!


All in all Stevie’s party was a day of enjoyment, completely stress free and the kids had an absolute ball and I felt like they’d earned their party food with all the downward dog and aerial tricks they had performed during the day.

Thanks so much to @kidsbeats for making this party one of our best yet!!!

Super easy, no fuss birthday party checklist

Kids ate:

  • Popcorn
  • Fruit platter
  • Sausage rolls
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Bottled water to drink

Kids played:

  • Musical statues
  • No hands allowed, Donut on a string Eating competition (so much fun)
  • One handed chopstick with marshmallow competition. Using one hand and chopsticks only, the winner is the child with the most marshmallows transported from one bowl to the next

What Mama learnt:

You don’t need to go overboard to have a fun, memorable party. We kept food really simple and played some super entertaining games. All kids left with a grin from ear to ear!