Oscar & Dahlia's Silent Disco Party


Silent disco


Have you heard of a silent disco party? I hadn’t until a friend told me they were so much fun. At first I was wondering how it would work, isn’t half the fun of a disco party having the music blaring? Well, the party is over and I am well and truly a silent disco fan. The kids were all given headsets and the instructor, Mitch ran the party like a cool older brother and had them entertained the whole time. Parents were able to relax and have a chat while the kids danced, played limbo, musical statues and even a trivia game. It wasn’t all quiet, there was plenty of singing by the kids which was actually so adorable, any shyness seemed to disappear when the headsets went on and we had kids belting out their favourite tunes. Mitch also brought a smoke machine and disco lights which had the kids enthralled! Oscar turned 9 and Dahlia 7 and even though there was a mix of ages and sexes the party was so fun for everyone.  I can’t recommend this party highly enough. If you’re looking for an easy party at home you will love it!

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Balloons, balloons, balloons!


Asma from Balloons Coburg supplied the most amazing balloons for the party. She went to so much effort making balloons individual enough for Oscar and Dahlia to both love and put so much care into her designs! She is a perfectionist and spent time setting them up to look just perfect! She made Oscar a special Western Bulldogs footy stand and Dahlia a beautiful unicorn stand. She also made this incredible arch incorporating colours that both Oscar and Dahlia loved and it enveloped the doorway, it looked just beautiful. She also made a balloon cluster with their ages on there, a confetti balloon and table balloons.

She supplies balloons for kids parties, weddings, engagements, 21st birthdays and baby showers so contact her if you are looking for some amazing decorations. 

Asma if offering $50-80 off a balloon package, depending on the option you go for. To order, please call her on 0401 597 270.


Rebel Donuts

This year we decided to do something different instead of using a traditional cake. Sarita and I had recently sampled the Rebel Donuts range on a photo shoot and we couldn't believe how delicious they were. Seriously melt in your mouth material and with flavours like James Dean cookies and cream, Mars Attack oozing with caramel, Mr Unicorn with a little unicorn magic, and Mint Madness for the mint lovers. Rebel Donuts supplied their hand made donuts in tiers that we used as the cake and the kids loved them! 

The good news .. they even deliver! Order online here.


Baby Bistro


Party food that kids love and is healthy ... is that possible? Yes it is! We used meatballs, sausage rolls and chicken strips from Baby Bistro, an all organic, natural option that hides veggies and goodness in their yummy food. We added some hot chips and made chicken and chip boats with extra meatballs and sausage rolls. As the party was around dinner time, this was perfect to satisfy hungry tummies without filling them with junk. Baby Bistro offers food for babies, toddlers and big kids, and we had comments from parents that the sausage rolls were the best they had tried!

Click here to order.