Three in Ten Months

twins 2.JPG

I always said I wanted 2-3 babies and after welcoming my darling little daughter Stevie who was an angel sleeper and feeder (this all changed, more on that later) I jokingly (very naively) commented to my hubby Brodie about how easy it was and let’s have another one soon? Well, at 2.5 months old, Stevie was about to become a big sister (say what?)


I woke up one morning and was babysitting my darling friends daughter Amelie who was 5 months old. Her and Stevie were newborn besties. Walking around with Stevie feeding on my boob, a very slight wave of nausea came over me. It lasted no more than 2 seconds but I knew that feeling- I was pregnant! I immediately called Brooke to ask her to buy me a pregnancy test on her way back to picking Amelie up. She laughed and said something like ‘shut up’. She was used to me pranking her but I convinced her I wasn’t pulling her leg this time and she turned up with a First Response.


I ran into the toilet and did my business and immediately a strong positive showed up! I knew it. I was excited, Brodie was excited. It was very very soon but we loved the idea of 2 children, close in age.

I thought nothing of it when my sister Karen (mum of 4 including identical twin girls) kept commenting on how big I was and how it must be twins! As if I’m having twins I said, I’m only showing early because I gave birth only 2.5 months ago so my body hasn’t had time to recover. There’s no way! Well, she bloody knew didn’t she?!


The day I went in to see my obstetrician, he welcomed Brodie and I into his office and said “gee you’re back soon”. We had a laugh and I jokingly said that’s okay as long as there’s only one baby in there. We had a brief chat and then I asked him if he could give me a quick ultrasound to see how far along I am and to make sure everything is okay. I had previously had three miscarriages before Stevie so I was cautious. I hopped on the bench and as he put the ultrasound stick on my belly , he had a concerned look on his face. I immediately thought something’s not right. Does the baby not have a heartbeat? I asked. Yes it has a heartbeat, he replied. I then asked, Is there more than one? He looked up with a blank face and replied ‘yes there’s more than one’. In shock I asked, ‘Is there more than 2?’ He had a further look around as he thought he had spotted 3 sacs but concluded that there were 2 babies and more than likely they were identical twins. Wow! My sisters a psychic! Not really.



Brodie and I looked at each other in shock but I think at the time, we just nervously laughed. So here we were, both under 30 and about to be parents of 3 in less than a year but we weren’t worried- we had no idea what we were in for and we thought it would be fun!!

After a relatively stress free pregnancy until my final ultrasound at 30.5 weeks when I found out I had a condition called ‘TAPS’ and was rushed to Frances Perry to deliver the boys after 48 hrs and 2 shots of steroids to strengthen their lungs, our beautiful, teeny tiny identical twin boys Kip and Bowie arrived 10 weeks early making us parents of 3 all within 10 months!


To be continued......