Oscar & Dahlia's Silent Disco Party


Silent disco


Have you heard of a silent disco party? I hadn’t until a friend told me they were so much fun. At first I was wondering how it would work, isn’t half the fun of a disco party having the music blaring? Well, the party is over and I am well and truly a silent disco fan. The kids were all given headsets and the instructor, Mitch ran the party like a cool older brother and had them entertained the whole time. Parents were able to relax and have a chat while the kids danced, played limbo, musical statues and even a trivia game. It wasn’t all quiet, there was plenty of singing by the kids which was actually so adorable, any shyness seemed to disappear when the headsets went on and we had kids belting out their favourite tunes. Mitch also brought a smoke machine and disco lights which had the kids enthralled! Oscar turned 9 and Dahlia 7 and even though there was a mix of ages and sexes the party was so fun for everyone.  I can’t recommend this party highly enough. If you’re looking for an easy party at home you will love it!

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Balloons, balloons, balloons!


Asma from Balloons Coburg supplied the most amazing balloons for the party. She went to so much effort making balloons individual enough for Oscar and Dahlia to both love and put so much care into her designs! She is a perfectionist and spent time setting them up to look just perfect! She made Oscar a special Western Bulldogs footy stand and Dahlia a beautiful unicorn stand. She also made this incredible arch incorporating colours that both Oscar and Dahlia loved and it enveloped the doorway, it looked just beautiful. She also made a balloon cluster with their ages on there, a confetti balloon and table balloons.

She supplies balloons for kids parties, weddings, engagements, 21st birthdays and baby showers so contact her if you are looking for some amazing decorations. 

Asma if offering $50-80 off a balloon package, depending on the option you go for. To order, please call her on 0401 597 270.


Rebel Donuts

This year we decided to do something different instead of using a traditional cake. Sarita and I had recently sampled the Rebel Donuts range on a photo shoot and we couldn't believe how delicious they were. Seriously melt in your mouth material and with flavours like James Dean cookies and cream, Mars Attack oozing with caramel, Mr Unicorn with a little unicorn magic, and Mint Madness for the mint lovers. Rebel Donuts supplied their hand made donuts in tiers that we used as the cake and the kids loved them! 

The good news .. they even deliver! Order online here.


Baby Bistro


Party food that kids love and is healthy ... is that possible? Yes it is! We used meatballs, sausage rolls and chicken strips from Baby Bistro, an all organic, natural option that hides veggies and goodness in their yummy food. We added some hot chips and made chicken and chip boats with extra meatballs and sausage rolls. As the party was around dinner time, this was perfect to satisfy hungry tummies without filling them with junk. Baby Bistro offers food for babies, toddlers and big kids, and we had comments from parents that the sausage rolls were the best they had tried!

Click here to order.


Stevie's Aerial Yoga Party


Kids birthdays are big business these days and it’s so easy to get caught up in agonising over every little detail in which our efforts are usually wasted as kids don’t care whether our disposable water bottles are personalised or how fancy our take home lolly bags look, all they usually care about is how many chicken nuggets they’ll be served and if they’ll take home a pass the parcel prize!

This year for Stevie’s party, I wanted something different to the usual play centre parties we attend and above all else I wanted it to be EASY and stress free so I enlisted the help of Laura @kidsbeats and we decided on an aerial yoga party for Stevie. The thought of 22 kids hanging upside down while getting their ‘zen’ on sounded appealing.

Laura was incredible, I literally for the first time ever got to sit back and simply enjoy the party. No running around like a headless chook or stressing over which game we’d play next. Laura handled the 22 kids like a pro and the whole party was so much fun and ran so smoothly. I was super impressed.


For a bit of fun Stevie suggested instead of our usual piñata that we order a cake that’s secretly a piñata! We hired Kristy @smashedpinatacakes to come up with a super cool creation for Stevie, and boy I’ve never seen kids more excited than when Stevie cracked open the delicious white chocolate to reveal an enormous mountain of lollies! This smash cake was absolutely a hit and I can’t imagine my kids ever allowing me to organise a party without the inclusion of one from here on in. Haha


For the cake, Stevie wanted something ‘boho’ with fresh flowers and semi naked icing and Jade @hellosugarbespokecakedesign sure delivered the most breathtaking creation that not only looked beautiful but was oh so moist and delicious! It was almost too pretty to cut open but I’m certainly glad we did. Yum yum!!!


All in all Stevie’s party was a day of enjoyment, completely stress free and the kids had an absolute ball and I felt like they’d earned their party food with all the downward dog and aerial tricks they had performed during the day.

Thanks so much to @kidsbeats for making this party one of our best yet!!!

Super easy, no fuss birthday party checklist

Kids ate:

  • Popcorn
  • Fruit platter
  • Sausage rolls
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Bottled water to drink

Kids played:

  • Musical statues
  • No hands allowed, Donut on a string Eating competition (so much fun)
  • One handed chopstick with marshmallow competition. Using one hand and chopsticks only, the winner is the child with the most marshmallows transported from one bowl to the next

What Mama learnt:

You don’t need to go overboard to have a fun, memorable party. We kept food really simple and played some super entertaining games. All kids left with a grin from ear to ear!


Winter is officially here but that doesn’t mean park hangs and beach walks have to end. Our motto is ‘rug up and lets go’!

We’ve compiled the comfiest and most practical kids get-ups to ensure your kids looks super stylin’ while keeping those chills at bay. And these looks won’t hurt the hip pocket. #winning

All clothing courtesy of Pumpkin Patch

All hats courtesy of Fallen Broken Street Kids


Three in Ten Months

twins 2.JPG

I always said I wanted 2-3 babies and after welcoming my darling little daughter Stevie who was an angel sleeper and feeder (this all changed, more on that later) I jokingly (very naively) commented to my hubby Brodie about how easy it was and let’s have another one soon? Well, at 2.5 months old, Stevie was about to become a big sister (say what?)


I woke up one morning and was babysitting my darling friends daughter Amelie who was 5 months old. Her and Stevie were newborn besties. Walking around with Stevie feeding on my boob, a very slight wave of nausea came over me. It lasted no more than 2 seconds but I knew that feeling- I was pregnant! I immediately called Brooke to ask her to buy me a pregnancy test on her way back to picking Amelie up. She laughed and said something like ‘shut up’. She was used to me pranking her but I convinced her I wasn’t pulling her leg this time and she turned up with a First Response.


I ran into the toilet and did my business and immediately a strong positive showed up! I knew it. I was excited, Brodie was excited. It was very very soon but we loved the idea of 2 children, close in age.

I thought nothing of it when my sister Karen (mum of 4 including identical twin girls) kept commenting on how big I was and how it must be twins! As if I’m having twins I said, I’m only showing early because I gave birth only 2.5 months ago so my body hasn’t had time to recover. There’s no way! Well, she bloody knew didn’t she?!


The day I went in to see my obstetrician, he welcomed Brodie and I into his office and said “gee you’re back soon”. We had a laugh and I jokingly said that’s okay as long as there’s only one baby in there. We had a brief chat and then I asked him if he could give me a quick ultrasound to see how far along I am and to make sure everything is okay. I had previously had three miscarriages before Stevie so I was cautious. I hopped on the bench and as he put the ultrasound stick on my belly , he had a concerned look on his face. I immediately thought something’s not right. Does the baby not have a heartbeat? I asked. Yes it has a heartbeat, he replied. I then asked, Is there more than one? He looked up with a blank face and replied ‘yes there’s more than one’. In shock I asked, ‘Is there more than 2?’ He had a further look around as he thought he had spotted 3 sacs but concluded that there were 2 babies and more than likely they were identical twins. Wow! My sisters a psychic! Not really.



Brodie and I looked at each other in shock but I think at the time, we just nervously laughed. So here we were, both under 30 and about to be parents of 3 in less than a year but we weren’t worried- we had no idea what we were in for and we thought it would be fun!!

After a relatively stress free pregnancy until my final ultrasound at 30.5 weeks when I found out I had a condition called ‘TAPS’ and was rushed to Frances Perry to deliver the boys after 48 hrs and 2 shots of steroids to strengthen their lungs, our beautiful, teeny tiny identical twin boys Kip and Bowie arrived 10 weeks early making us parents of 3 all within 10 months!


To be continued......




Outback Explorers

Wearing Pumpkin Patch


Pumpkin Patch has always been known for its quality and comfortable threads and with the relaunch of their online stores last year, they have presented us with a fresh new look that we just can’t get enough of!

With 4 busy boys and 2 active but mildly fashion conscious girls, we love a brand that doesn’t compromise comfort for the sake of our kids looking ‘stylish’.

With Pumpkin Patch you’re guaranteed both, on trend fashion pieces that kids can run, jump and play in and most importantly, they wash up well!

We’re massive fans!

Click here for the full range.


Easy Easter DIY

If your kids are anything like ours, and are arts and crafts obsessed, check out these easy DIY craft ideas for Easter. All are under 10 minutes to make from start to finish, and are a super cute way to keep your little ones entertained during the school holidays.

Easter cookies 2.JPG
Egglicious Cookies
  1. Buy a readymade packet of oval sweet biscuits, we used Milk Arrowroot Cookies.
  2. Lather on icing, we used readymade chocolate icing, but you could make your own, choose a different colour or even use melted chocolate!
  3. Decorate the biscuits to look like Easter eggs, we used sprinkles, mini freckles and mini M & Ms.
easter 3.JPG
No Sew Sock Bunnies
  1. Fill sock with rice up to the heel of the sock
  2. Pinch 3/4 for the body and secure with twine
  3. Secure top of the head with twine
  4. Make a slit down the top of the sock to create two ears (you may need to shape them into curved edges so they resemble bunny ears)
  5. Draw dots for eyes and a mouth with a marker (you can use stick on eyes)
  6. Glue a pom pom on the back for a tail
  7. Finish off bunny by adding a bow to the bunny's neck using a ribbon
easter 2.JPG
easter 8.JPG
Eggy Rainbow Crayons
  1. Break up old crayons and put them in Easter inspired moulds, we used different colours in each mould to make a multi-coloured effect
  2. Melt in the microwave for approximately 4 minutes until melted
  3. Let stand until cooled and set
easter 7.JPG
easter 1.JPG
The Chocolate Box

Have you ever tried The Chocolate Box chocolate? They are a family owned business  based in Melbourne and their choccies are delicious. When Sarita was at Frances Perry for both births of her babies she discovered the Chocolate Box. Her favourite were the large chocolate raspberries. We are loving their gorgeous Easter range, with the cute half eggs filled with yummy treats and gorgeous little chocolate bunnies.   


We are offering one lucky follower an Easter pack filled with delicious chocolates from The Chocolate Box and a gorgeous Easter box from Kube Boxes.

To enter:

  • follow @chasingourtribe on Instagram
  • tag 3 friends who would love this Easter basket
easter prize.jpg
easter 12.JPG

The Inbetweeners


My daughter Stevie is at that hard-to-buy for age. She argues she’s too old for pretty tutu’s, although I sometimes can convince her to wear one if it’s ‘toughened up’ with a pair of Converse. At nearly 8, she’s wanting more of a grown up look and I’ve struggled to find a store where she’s happy to don nearly every piece in there, that was until I discovered Decjuba Kids. 

It’s fashion forward but still practical enough to be able to run and play in, feminine yet cool, and a little more grown up but absolutely age appropriate.

Their latest range is full of embellished tees, lots of grey, black and white and all of their pieces pair back perfectly with cut off shorts and denim. It’s the kind of stuff I want to wear but in mini sizes for girls aged 8-14.

Stevie wears:

Kids Hello Tee $34.95; Kids Kimono Jacket $49.95; Kids Cold Shoulder Knit $59.95; Kids Swing dress in grey $39.95; Kids Swing dress in stripe $39.95.

Head to www.decjuba.com.au to check it out.



Hello Harvey

Harvey dressed by Minihaha. Danielle's necklace by Bell Frankie & Co.


Sarita amd Danielle -15.jpg

When I was young, I always wanted three kids. I didn't have a good reason, I suppose I just thought three was a good number. My first child Oscar was born and I have to admit, my world as I knew it seemed to be turned upside down. Don't get me wrong, I was so thankful to be a mum and I quickly realised the true meaning of unconditional love. However, for the first three months of Oscar's life he did not sleep much and I learnt just how difficult sleep deprivation can be. I also didn't realise how isolated I would feel, such a strange emotion especially considering I had this incredible little human in my life who I loved dearly. I was stressed, often doubting myself and never sure if what I was doing was "correct". I tried to stick to a strict routine, I felt I needed some direction and guidance. Two years later Dahlia was born and my approach completely changed. From my experiences with Oscar, I learnt I needed to relax and trust my instincts. As a second time mother, I felt I was more prepared and started embracing the term "whatever works".

While Oscar and Dahlia were young, my life was very busy with them and often chaotic, and so I believed two children was the right number for our family. Then as they got older and started becoming more independent, I was missing my "babies" and I watched my in laws with their many grandchildren and fantasised about myself with plenty of grandchildren of my own. Whilst it is often madness in our house with Oscar and Dahlia, I love them more than life itself, they delight me every day and I count my blessings that I am able to be a mum to these amazing kids. 

So, I started considering a third. One comment a friend made stuck with me: 'you never regret the kids you have!' We decided if we didn't have another baby we would probably regret it and so decided to dive in! When we told the children we were expecting a baby, their reaction was one of pure delight, overwhelming excitement. Dahlia even picked flowers for the baby and rubbed my tummy telling him she loved him. However, whilst I was pregnant, I was a little bit nervous about the prospect of three children. Both Oscar and Dahlia were now in school, and I could spend much of my time working on projects for myself. Also, I was nervous about how our baby might change the dynamics of our family, I worried I would not have as much time for Oscar and Dahlia and that they may resent the baby.

Then Harvey was born. I need not have had any of those concerns. Both Oscar and Dahlia have completely embraced him. They love him so much and enjoy all the special moments. He delights them with his smiles and giggles and you can see his face light up when they are around him. The love and bond between them is so beautiful to see. Yes I am busier than before but I am so very thankful we decided to take the plunge! With Harvey I am now confident in myself as a mother, do not stress as much and am much more calm and relaxed. I am so thankful for all three of my children, they are the light in my life and I see them as my angels, the very best gift anyone could have.

Will I have a fourth? We will see...

I will write about my birth stories and breastfeeding in future posts. If you have any questions, comments or feedback I would love to hear from you.

Thank you to the following: