Springtime Sleepwear Edit

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to put away our flannelette pyjamas or in my case, extra large daggy sweater and tracksuits (hubby will be happy to see me out of my baggies), and into something a little lighter, and much prettier! Nice sleepwear is a must for new mums and the styles we have selected below would all be amazing presents for mums-to-be.

With Spring approaching, we have compiled a few of our favourite pieces of floral sleepwear, from budget friendly to splurge worthy, for those who prefer sleepwear that come in cool fashion/outerwear shapes like jumpsuits and bomber jackets, or those who prefer the more traditional nightie and suit, we have you covered!

Amazing balloons thanks to Balloons Coburg - contact Asma and mention King and Holland for a special price.

Squeak Design Poppy Pyjama Set  $139 & Poppy Dressing Gown $159

Squeak Design Poppy Pyjama Set $139 & Poppy Dressing Gown $159